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As years pass by, home roofs suffer from wear and tear caused by downpours, snow, and often animals. The roof and siding are the most vulnerable structures of your home, where one small hole can lead to insect and rodent infestations, and cause hazards such as bubbling walls or ceilings collapsing from water build up. The cost of fixing a home rises exponentially after the damage is done.

Prevent hazards from happening before they happen. Galaxy Home Improvement will respond to every call and contact with haste. We reinforce roofs with the proper shingles to last decades and our sidings will guarantee to improve your home’s curb appeal, so you can make better first impressions on a daily basis.

Shingle Replacement

Choosing the right shingles takes practice, and involves several issues either physically or visually. We’ll make sure that you have the best looking and acting shingles in the market.

Damage Control

Hole left from a rodent eating into your home? Other companies focused on construction will look towards replacing your whole roofing and charging a fortune! We’ll provide the proper treatments for small damages.


Looking towards a full remodel? Our professionals can assist in laying down the game plan to have a home providing the best first impressions to passerby.

Solar Safe

Solar panels add weight to a rooftop and can be dangerous to install without first making sure that your roofing is secure. Galaxy Home Improvements looks forward to reinforcing your rooftop so that there is no accident that comes by after solar panel installations.

How Do You Know When It’s Time For New Siding?

Have visible signs of siding damage? It is important not to overlook visible damage on the siding of your home. A close inspection of your home could reveal these red flags:

  • Warped, bowed or rotten siding panels
  • Signs of pest infestation, such as wasp’s nests, under your siding
  • Evidence of water damage, such as mold or stains
  • Rising energy bills due to damaged siding materials