Masonry & Asphalt

Luxurious house with garden in the suburbs

Proper hardscape development allows for better flow through your environment while providing a beautiful sight and value to your home. These structures take a fine set of skills to create, and Galaxy Home Improvement is ready to start building!

Give us a call about driveway reconstruction and we’ll be eager to assist in laying out a design plan. Designing patios, retaining walls for gardens, and walkway installations that will provide you a lifetime of quality is what we strive for, and we make sure to provide maintenance as well as value.

Our Team of Construction Professionals Can Help With:
Retaining Walls assist in keeping a garden from spreading too thin, but must be constructed with care. Improper construction can cause erosion and collapse, which would damage both a garden and any space around it.

Walking on the lawn, typically with heavy items, causes damage to the grass around it. Installing a walkway in common trails provides proper lawn growth, easy transport of items and a visually stunning view.

Easy to repair, maintain, and friendly to surrounding environments, asphalt remains one of the best materials for residential and commercial pavements. The visuals can also be modified to fit your taste.

Driveways should be properly leveled so that they do not crack under pressure from being uneven. Asphalt can be compressed with a roller and the ground will be regraded until it is ready for perfect installation